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Synergetics Method. The Cellular Synergy made possible.

You and I together can make you feel amazing.

I will provide your personalized integral health and life check up, with immediate solutions to your questions and challenges. Re-align your energy centers, clean your emotional layers , improve your mindset and create new positive patterns, find healing accelerators for all health problems . We erease past hurts and walk the path of bringing joy back to your life.

If you tried everything before with no results, invest in yourself : Half day retreat to feel great. Happy, relieved and motivated.

Start the journey to a new, better version of yourself , replacing pain with vision, mission and a new sense of joy....

How much is your health, your family and your life journey worth to you?

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It all started when…

Awaiting my second baby, doctors where sure of one thing: the baby couldn't turn and the birth would be a C-Section. A good friend was then recommended to me , a well-known kinesiologist in Montbrison (Bernard Granet): he saw me five minutes ... 

Baby turned instantly and the birth was great. No price tag on that!

One year and a half later I had read everything I could on natural medicine and its various methods to help people on their well-being path. I engaged in a search on my own family story and discovered that my Brazilian family had several chamans (Amazonian Doctors) way back then. I truly found my passion in life with a true purpose : relieve pain and reveal talent.

For 11 years I have research the Mind Body integration and studied emotional interferences. I have created Synergetics®, the formula for integrative optimization through cell synergy activation. Get well, fast. It is science proofed.

Congratulations on your decision to fix your life.

I will see you soon,

Aida Berger