About Aida BERGER, synergetic®

Photo Credits: Lois Moreno

Photo Credits: Lois Moreno

 Uniqueness, Wisdom & Guidance

My unique approach to you, combines Ayurveda, Chinese therapy, Chaman Intuition and Healing, and state of the Art wellness coaching (Spencer Institute California).

I am committed fully to your emotional, mental and physical well-being,

You can thrive on a new journey with your unique wellness action plan in order for you to solve of your issues. Everything you have tried to work out for years: melancholy, eating disorders, anxiety, weigh and body form, chronic illnesses, allergies, career and academic issues, fears, couples and relationships challenges, fertility and much more.

Therapy and energy work are available to all , no restrictions of genders, culture or age (infants to advanced maturity) and has positive effects on all needs, from simple wellness indulgence to serious illness healing support.

Plan conferences, Organize private seminars to learn the art of healing. Tailor your private family healing circle : I will travel to meet you where you are and spend healing time with you and those who you love.

Book your phone private sessions for distance therapy. 

 Be the person you’ve always wanted to be.


 Talk to you soon,

 Aida Berger